DAY 326: And Jakes’s FIRST WORDS ARE….

Jake was being awful chatty all morning. Mumbling along as we ate breakfast, our usual conversation. I said “uh oh” when his spoon bounced off the ground. He looked at me, mouthing silent words for a moment and then spat out something like uck-oh. Not exact, but close. I actually thought for a second, “he’s going to say his first words today.”

Fast forward a few hours. All three of us were driving over to snap some pictures at the park before we packed away his monkey-boy costume. I was quizzing Jake on his words again, coaxing him to say mama. And as if on cue, he belted out “Ma-muh!” Plain as day. No questions this time. Both of our heads snapped around to look at him as he giggled away. Our proud little monkey.

So, I lost the bet. Mama won. I think she tried to make me feel better by telling me he said “Dada” later on. But I’ll believe that when I hear it. Today’s one for the baby book!!!

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