DAY 277: Will Positive Visualization Lead Us to the Ellen Show?

Maybe we can be on when Pam’s there?:)
For weeks, I have read and listened to so many books written by amazingly successful people that inspired and/or helped write and film The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you haven’t seen or read The Secret, you should!

Wallace Wattles is the Godfather of positive thought and the law of attraction. He penned The Science of Getting Rich back in the early 1900’s. This was the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to write The Secret. Norman Vincent Peale took it a step further around 1960 with The Power of Positive Thinking. Those books spawned many famous practitioners of “The New Thought Movement” such as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
No I’m not going to shave my head and start passing out Kool Aid! Despite subtle differences, all these books discuss the same simple principles that can make a huge impact on your life! Training your mind to overcome negativity, how to build unwavering faith in yourself and whichever higher power you choose to believe in, and setting goals and visualizing achieving those goals! Also, practicing the art of gratitude! It’s all good stuff!
So, what do I daydream about? Having 50,000 followers on this site with a 1,000 hits a day! Hiring designers to build a beautiful, interactive website! Writing and drawing funny children’s books, and blogging from the deck overlooking an ocean. I visualize sitting on Ellen’s stage, telling the story of a regular guy writing funny stories about parenthood, and crying like a baby when some publisher hands me one of those huge checks as a big fat advance on my first book deal! And would you believe it? Pearl Jam just happens to be on the show that day, and I get to sit in on drums for a song or two!
Do you see how much fun it is to think like a kid again!? Back when there were no limits to your dreams and imagination!? Do you see how much better you feel when you’re not focused on every silly little “problem” that you’ve created in your mind!? If you can learn to shift the way you think, you can start to see past all the “obstacles”, and just see yourself kicking some ass! You become happier, less stressed. You learn to live in the present and realize that you honestly can change anything in your life today with some knowledge and a little practice!
Why am I so excited about this stuff? I’ve told you in the past several times that I am… I mean WAS a “Negative-Nancy”! I concentrated so much on the negative, that I forgot what it felt like to feel good sometimes. Let me tell you, it feels SO MUCH BETTER being a “Positive Peter”! I refuse to be a grumpy bastard and risk passing that attitude onto my son! (I think my wife likes me better too) I’ll let you know what day we’ll be appearing on Ellen:)

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