DAY 220: Ghosts, Angels, or Possessed Toys?

“It” happened again. For those of you that have been following along, remember when Jake’s Record-a-Book On the Night You Were Born read three pages to him while sitting tightly closed on a bookshelf?

Yesterday morning, through Jake’s monitor, I hear his little Sing-a-long Seahorse playing in his crib. So I think he’s up, he’s fine, he’s playing. I also thought, how did that smart little stinker figure out how to turn that thing on? The Seahorse played 3 five minute intervals and stopped. I waited to hear Jake squawking away… Nothing for another five minutes. Then I could hear him start to wake up. 
I found him in his crib, bright-eyed and stirring in his usual sleeping position. The Seahorse was at his feet. Again, I squeezed the toy, shook it, pressed on it’s belly, anything to get it to play. I always just assumed the batteries were dead, or I was too dumb to turn it on.  

So I asked someone smarter than the toy, my wife, to show me how to turn it on. You have to unzip the back of the Seahorse and locate the on/off switch on the battery pack. The switch was in the OFF position at the time she schooled me on this.
Unless Jake unzipped the toy, flipped the switch to ON, pressed the toy’s belly three times to make it play for fifteen minutes, turned the switch to OFF, zipped it back up, placed in at his feet, all while he was sleeping… then the toy played on it’s own.
Being Ghost Adventure freaks, my wife and I tried to de-bunk both experiences. In the case of the book, we said maybe because the book is heat/touch sensitive, and the bookshelf sits near a window, maybe the sun light triggered it. Sounds plausible. 
But neither one of us can explain this one. So the question remains, who made the Seahorse sing???

1 thought on “DAY 220: Ghosts, Angels, or Possessed Toys?

  1. welllll, its a fact that baby's and small children attract entities, so maybe you have a ghost in the house…. creepy but more than likly not dangerous……
    would'nt worry to much about it … yet but if it continues to freak you out just burn some incense and open all the curtains and windows to air out the house and let light in…. that usually works…


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