DAY 211 of 365: Test Day!

Last week I told you about “the tick” that Jake has developed, particularly when he’s very tired. Picture your kid tasting something sour, or shaking off a chill. It seems more behavioral than neurological, but we want to make sure. Today we went to the hospital for his EEG. I was SO PROUD of this kid! They attached 25 wires to his head and two to his chest. He never cried once until it was time to finally fall asleep. The poor kid was exhausted because we had to keep him awake all morning until the test. But Mama J gave him a bit of the Magic Booby, and he was out cold in minutes. I think it was a good sign that he finished way sooner than expected. We hope that means it was blatantly obvious that nothing is wrong.
My wife and I are firm believers in the “signs” all around us everyday. Sometimes we miss them, and sometimes they’re right in our face. When we returned home from Jake’s first Dr’s appointment a week ago (the one that spooked us), there was a card in the mail for the Epilepsy Foundation’s annual donation pick up day. Of course we scheduled a day for them to stop by. What do y’know, the pick up day was of all days, today. I made sure there was a big box of brand new toys on the front porch first thing this morning.
Some might say those signs weren’t that great, but we think differently. Maybe it’s God or the Universe, or whatever force you choose to believe in, reminding us to have compassion for those dealing with similar problems. A reminder to appreciate having a healthy baby. As we sit and wait for these test results, trust me, it’s the first thing on our prayer list.

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