My wife and I recently read a magazine article that was truly “eye opening”. The article talked about the danger of long term sun exposure to your child’s eyes. The American Academy of Pediatrics says children’s eyes are at increased risk for permanent damage from sunlight until they are at least 10 years old. And yet most children’s sunglasses are sold as toys. Toys are fun, toys are great, but not if they’re expected to protect something as vital as your kids’ eyesight. Let’s face it, how many parents do you know that practically dunk their kids in sun screen, but don’t bother to put sunglasses on them? Mama J and I were guilty as charged. Once we read the article, it was like “DUHHH!”

A friend had already given us a pair of infant sunglasses. They did feel much like a toy, and offered no real UV protection. And unless you duct-taped them to Jake’s head, they were on the ground in approximately 15 seconds. It was time to find some REAL sunglasses, not cheap toys. It didn’t take long to find the leading maker of quality kid’s eye protection. Enter Real Kids Shades!

Real Kids Shades® are the leading innovator in children’s 100% UV eye protection. The idea is simple:  Offer affordable, real sunglasses designed just for kids. Not toys and not scaled-down versions of adult shades. Make them comfortable (so kids will wear them), durable (so they stand up to kid life), and good-looking (so they get used.)

We ordered two pair of MY FIRST SHADES, a blue pair for Baby J and a pink pair for his new cousin, Baby A. The first thing I liked when we pulled them out of the box was, they looked COOL! I know I won’t have to worry about my boy being heckled for wearing RKS! And then the big moment arrived, the first fitting! Of course Baby J immediately tried to rip them from his face, repeatedly. He was nearly successful, until we distracted him with his “passy”. Before we knew it, these glasses were…STILL ON HIS HEAD! Not only were these the BEST protection we could find for our baby, they looked good, and they WORKED!

When I started 1FD, I gave a shout out to Real Kids Shades on Facebook just to let them know what a great product they have. They responded with a thank you, and asked if I’d write a review and do a giveaway! My response: “I’d love to!” I even got the opportunity to speak with Lori C. of RKS. She even sent a pair of Elements to try out. I like them even better than My First Shades! I can tell you RKS truly cares about protecting our kids’ peepers! And I think that’s one of the reasons why they are the best at what they do!

1. Become a fan of Real Kids Shades on Facebook!
2. Go to and choose your favorite pair!
3. Become a FOLLOWER of, and tell me which pair of RKS are your favorite! And don’t forget to click SHARE ON FACEBOOK while you’re here!
4. Send me naked pictures of yourself…KIDDING! Just making sure you’re still paying attention..:)

Leave a comment at when you’ve completed all of these steps. You can comment on your favorite pair once a day until the deadline. Baby J will choose a random winner on Monday, July 11th. The cool people at Real Kids Shades will send you the pair of your choice!!!


No, I’m not getting paid to do this. Yes, I’m trying to spread the word about 1FD and RKS! So, let’s have some fun and protect our kiddies’ eyes at the same time!!!

Good luck and get to work!:)


  1. I can't decide which ones I like best! Solid or print? Neutral shade to pass down to other family members or classic gender color? Either way, these glasses will make my kid the coolest and best protected on the block! 😉 ~Marissa


  2. Anything to protect a child's baby blues, browns, greens, or hazels are going to be COOL!! I used to Work at an eye Doctor's office, I know how important it is to protect your eyes from the SUN…so start now with your baby!!

    Sarah Hintze (Grady)


  3. RKS look's like a great product. I know if 1FD supports it that it is. We have a pool and protecting our lil ones beautiful lil eyes is of up most importance. We like the pink one's with the flowers. 🙂


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