DAY 208 of 365

A day is fast approaching in which I will have to stand up and face the inevitable. No, not the fact that the cast of Jersey Shores is signing another contract. I’m talking about Mama J going going back to work! I thought she and I would both be excited by the prospect of her getting out of the house again. But as the day gets closer, that’s not the case.
I know she’s going to miss Baby J just as much as he’s going to miss his Mama. I see myself as a pretty good Dad. But there are times when nothing soothes that kid but Mommy. I think that’s the most worrisome part. She could be hours away and I can’t console the little man. I’ve been there before. A bottle doesn’t work. Holding him doesn’t help. Letting him cry it out doesn’t work. The only thing that calms the little man down is Mommy and the Magic Booby.

I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh at this in a few months. Although right now, I am, for lack of better words, “crapping in my pants”.

1 thought on “DAY 208 of 365

  1. My cousin used to put on one of his wife's shirts to calm the baby. It has to be a shirt that has been worn and unwashed, thus giving off that special mommy scent! ~Marissa


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