Would You Just Sit Still For Two Seconds!?!?

Jake is becoming more elusive than the Sasquatch! Every time I try to catch him on tape, he’s sprinting, OK crawling, on to the next thing!
His comprehension levels in the last month alone have really to started to skyrocket. He’s mimicking almost everything we teach him. From shaking his shoulders when we say “dance, dance, dance”, repeating noises and sounds, and my new favorite…Touching his finger to his mouth like a little Dr. Evil in deep thought if he hears Mama or I say “HMMM???”
The only frustrating part is that by time I get the camera ready, he’s firing his lunch across the room or trying to pull his diaper off. Would you just sit still for two seconds and do something cute ya little monkey!?!?
I wonder if there’s an app to get annoying parents to stop taking my picture?


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