A Very "Sticky" Situation, Not Many Like To Discuss

Do I look like I have Swine Flu, Asshole!?
Jake went for his one year check-up today. Thankfully everything looks great. The Doctor said according to some chart, Jake should grow to be around 5’11” and thin. That’s funny. According to most charts, I should weigh 135 pounds!
After the basic exam banter, the conversation turned to a topic my wife and I generally avoid “like the plague”. That topic is Jake’s vaccination schedule. We both agree in an EXTREMELY minimalistic approach to immunizations. It’s not that we want our child to get sick. Although, no one can give us a satisfactory explanation on why we need to pump Jake full of chemicals to help prevent Swine Flu and Hepatitis! In his first few days here on Earth, the hospital’s immunization schedule called for nearly a DOZEN different shots. I’m sorry, but we didn’t see Jake banging any needle abusing Hepatitis patients in his near future, so we declined. 
I consider my wife and I to be adamant on educating ourselves thoroughly when it comes to our son. We do the research, talk to the Doctor, and talk to parents just like you. Based on that consensus, we come to a conclusion. When it comes to vaccinations, an overwhelming majority of the information we find is not good. We have heard story after story from parents who said that they noticed significant changes in their children after vaccination shots. My heart aches to say, in some cases, their children passed away soon after a round of shots. Not to mention, all the research that shows the metals found in many of the shots contributing to autism, etc. There is an eye-opening DVD called Shoot ‘Em Up. The Truth About Vaccines. I believe that even the biggest skeptics would have a hard time debating some of the points in this video.

I know there are two schools of thought. One says that if we don’t vaccinate our kids, won’t those diseases re-emerge? The other says, those diseases are long gone, why vaccinate? The battle continues…

This is a heated topic to say the least. Who’s right? Maybe we both are. I just want your opinion. Don’t egg my house:)

2 thoughts on “A Very "Sticky" Situation, Not Many Like To Discuss

  1. I have 3 kids. My oldest got every vaccination recommened, including monthly vaccinations to prevent RSV his 1st year (he was a preemie but I declined the vaccinations for it his 2nd year). He did have a mild reaction to his Chicken Pox vaccination (he broke out in a rash), but we had no problems other than that. My middle child has had *most* recommended vaccines, but definitely not all. He was recommended steriods (he suffered chronic croup triggered by allergies for several years), but I declined those as well, sticking to using the humidifier with breathing treatments when absolutely necessary. A nurse had told me her child had gone through the same thing but grew out of it. My son has also. My youngest is in 1st grade now & she has had far less shots than either of her brothers. I have never gotten any of them flu shots. There is no specific reason for getting each child less vaccines, other than that I really don't see a need to vaccinate them against something *just in case* they *might* become exposed to it. I survived both Chicken Pox & the mumps as a child and am now immune to both since I've already had them. Now 10 1/2, 8, and 6, we've only dealt with one major illness (with my daughter that required hospitalization) that no shot could have prevented. As long as they've gotten what they need to attend school, I see no need to poke them beyond that.


  2. Amen Kelly! You said, “I really don't see a need to vaccinate them against something *just in case* they *might* become exposed to it.” My thoughts exactly! Thanks for the response!


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