One year ago today at 9:26am, our beautiful, 7lb 7oz, 20.5″ long, baby boy was born. Mama J and I  had whittled a long list of names down to two. After taking one look at him, we settled on Jacob.

Since then, a bet from my wife and friends led to ‘Jake 365’. ‘Jake 365’ then spun into and it’s Facebook page. (see

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you that inspired and encouraged this journey, and continue to inspire me every day! I think all of our posts, advice and jokes are what get us both through the tougher times. Just because Jake turned one, doesn’t mean this all grinds to a halt. I need you! We’re just getting started!

I literally have to run. The car is warming up. Time to pick up food and put the finishing touches on the house for the big party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!! I promise that these last 365 days of posts will be neatly compiled into a book for you to read somewhere down the line! Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of family, responsibility, and unconditional love. I love ya, little buddy.

We’ll see you all later:)

1 thought on “DAY 365! ‘JAKE 365’ COMPLETE! HAPPY BDAY BABY BOY!!!

  1. If ya ever need anything just ask buddy I'm here for ya! Congrats on getting through 365 days of Jake! I've really laughed at soome of your posts hope to keep hearing about more!


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