DAY 356: FACT: Babies HATE Santa Claus!

Mama J and I took Jake to see Santa for the first time. During the 45 second photo shoot, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry? Afterwards, we couldn’t help but laugh!
As the three of us stood in line, Jake eye-balled Santa as if he were a huge, red monster with razor-sharp fangs. He clung to me a little tighter as we inched toward Jolly Old St. Nick. By the time it was our turn, I literally felt his diaper rumble! This Santa, in all his experience, must have sensed the tension as I handed Jake over. Santa dropped the Ho-Ho-Ho routine and said, “Let’s make this fast! The less time he has to think, the better!” 
The photographer managed to snap one shot before Jake went completely bat-shit! Mama and I stood on the sidelines like the typical goo-goo ga-ga parents, trying to calm him down. Complete failure. I think if Jake could speak, he would have been saying, “Get me the F%$K outta here, NOW!” We obliged the traumatized little elf.
After today, I’m hoping Jake’s long term memory hasn’t developed yet. I want him to at least LIKE Santa for a few years until he figures out…well…you know:)

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