DAY 271: Baby Chiropractor is a Miracle Worker!

You can do it!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. Chiropractors aren’t just for cracking necks and backs! Some take a very holistic approach to treating patients. Our Doctor even specializes in “adjusting” babies to assist with digestive issues, etc. No, he doesn’t manipulate their little spines. He spots misalignment and activates pressure points on a baby’s body to “get things moving”.

Example: The Doctor could tell that Jake was a little “backed up”. A couple of touches later, he said “expect an enormous poop later today.” He then asked some routine questions, including “is Jake crawling yet?” Actually, Jake hasn’t crawled yet. He starts to take off and then just sits up. We’ve tried to coach him, but no success. The Doctor showed us some simple exercises to make the neurological connection that babies need to learn to crawl.

Mumbo jumbo, you say? It’s been less than 6 hours, and Jake has shit two small watermelons and CRAWLED a few paces! Some people automatically knock alternative forms of “doctoring” if it doesn’t include prescribing something. I say, don’t knock it ’til you tried it!

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