Can You Help Me Pick My Seat?

Jake’s growing faster than Lindsay Lohan’s rap-sheet. So, I’ve been starting to research new car seats. I think I’m digging the GRACO NAUTILUS 3 in 1 seat. 

The safety features seem great. Customer reviews are mostly all positive. And, it just looks comfy. I’d sit in if I were a baby:)
I always assume most of those customer reviews are written by people from the company being reviewed. That’s why I look to you folks for your opinions. So… What’s good, y’all???

2 thoughts on “Can You Help Me Pick My Seat?

  1. Looks kind of “Race Car” That's cool. Don't know anything about the safety side, so I'd have to use my own judgement. Look at the construction. What kind of materials, what kind of fasteners and where they're fastened. Read the safety reviews from people who have been in accidents if you want safety info. If it looks like the company is pinching pennies because their robot can't reach that perfect spot to mount the strap, or the ratchetting mechanism for the belt might bend and not work as intended three weeks later, well you'll know. Also remember plastic changes its properties when heated over & over again, and it gets pretty hot in cars around here. Also the safest cars seat in the world won't make up for Jakie crying the whole time because he's not comfortable. That itself will change you into Mr. Hyde by the time you get anywhere. Good hunting Jon.


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